Grimbergen minnesdag 4.november 2022

Scramble tale ved Carl Stousland

Dear friends of Grimbergen

(First, some information regarding the symbolism in making the memorial)

We are gathered here to commemorate the effort of our veterans who risked their lives against aggression during the 2. WW to secure our freedom and peace . 

Most of us here today represent generations that have not experienced war.   – We have been fortunate!

However- once again we have a war in Europe, with an aggressor attempting to overtake a neighboring country.  

Once again men and women are risking their lives in order to defend their nation, their right to live in freedom and to choose the way they want to live their lives.  

It is a paradox , – that we as parents – , today experience a risk that our sons and daughters must dress for war in the same way their grandparents did  82 years ago.

What went wrong?  I do not really know 

Our veterans, at large, did not want to talk about the war or tell their stories in detail. It was too brutal, it demanded so much of them.   Everyone looked forward towards, rebuilding nations, homes and lives. They wanted to put the war behind them. 

Had they lived today, they would have spilt a tear in sorrow.  – And wondered why the lesson from  1940 had not been learned and why necessary measures had not been implemented in order to seed the knowledge leading to an ever lasting peace. 

Have we been too naïve? The answer is probably Yes. 

This tendency of a more aggressiveness is seen in many parts of the world, both in national and international politics. It is not promising. 

The fear that we feel today comes through common ignorance and the misleading of minds. 

In debt to our veterans we need to fulfill their wish and not  forget their fight and sacrifices –  so that we could live our lives peacefully together.

We must not oversee the importance of a greater effort on our part,  in educating our younger generations, teaching them the historical facts so that they are in a better position to understand and pursue the path towards freedom and peace – through peaceful means.

I am sure the veterans would applaud.

So let us continue to meet here in Grimbergen – every year –  to commemorate the veterans and honor the spirit of those who saw the danger and was willing to take a stand for freedom and  peace.        Thank you – and see you next year!